2015 in 365

Jan 1

January 1, 2015 — slightly after midnight.

The dawn of a new year is a time to reflect on the past and look toward the future, so to ring in 2016, I wanted to share a photo project that I have worked on for the past year. Since 2014 consisted of two spinal surgeries and some of the more trying times in my life, I decided to document 2015 to capture what the road to recovery and happiness looks like.

I took one photo a day that I felt truly encapsulated the best, worst or most time-consuming parts of those 24 hours. As my friend who created a similar project for the New York Times learned, some days consist of working, eating and sleeping and nothing extraordinary happens. On those days, it was a struggle to figure out what to take a photo of. Other times, I was so lost in exceptional moments that I neglected to document them. But there were days in between when I reached a goal I was working toward and felt like one photo from that day could preserve that feeling of pride forever.

This past year had ups and downs, as any span of hundreds of days does, but I will remember it as the year I pushed myself harder and farther, and learned that saying “yes” only leads to great things.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Got back into media and got the opportunity to work with an organization that pushes me to work harder and be more creative every day.
  • Ran 5.5 miles (the longest I have ever run before) one year after my last spinal surgery.
  • Stood by my best friend’s side as she married the love of her life and watched another very dear friend on the west coast do the same.
  • Traveled to California, Canada, Martha’s Vineyard, Delaware, Niagara Falls, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
  • Finished the first draft of a novel.
  • Moved into a new, stellar role at my aforementioned wonderful job that I’m sure will challenge me to grow even more in the new year.

2015 in 365 photos

In 2016, I hope to push myself harder professionally, run farther, learn to be more patient and mindful, carve out time to volunteer, finish editing my novel and do at least one thing that absolutely terrifies me. I’ll check in at the dawn of 2017 to let you know if I accomplished any of these things. But, if 2015 has taught me anything, I now know there is little you can’t achieve with hard work and a positive attitude.



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